Cool up every surroundings with the use of air coolers. Its movable with built in rollers and 3 speed fan, and swinging options for you to choose. For effective cooling the environment, we have industrial air coolers that fits to your requirements. Helps to fight the hot and dryness in the air.
Evaporative air cooling is the main difference between cooler and air conditioner is that air coolers uses hot air in the room and water in order to produce cool air to less energy consumption as it has two major components which need water pump and a fan. A supply of water is needed in order to keep the pads we t and cool the air.
Air cooling is same as natural process of cooling like a wind or breeze in the ocean. It delivers fresh filtered cool air in a lowest cost. Most economic and friendly environment that can cool a large an open areas.
The advantages of evaporative air cooler is less electricity, convenient to anyone because of caster wheels. It has no harmful refrigerants.