Beat the heat on this summer season with our portable misting fan. Portable misting fans uses with a high pressure pump to create a micro fine mist to reduce temperature. People with feel cool and comfortable as micro droplets blown away from fan. It has a refreshing breeze on hottest days. Misting fans are not only for the people to cool but keep the environment cool, reduce the presence of flies and insects.

Industrial misting fan is a unique designed fan that cools the area when it comes with micro mist sprayed. Allows the user to adjust the mist volume, giving an option to be used as normal fan. Comes with 3 speed motor and oscillation. And with a big tank for continuous using of water and has a caster wheels for safety and easy to grab to put anywhere.

We are offering misting fan rentals for a day, weeks, months and season. Call us now or email us our experts sales person will help you to decide to solve your issues.

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